FF-23V2 Plans

FF-23V3 Plans


This PDF Plan includes both the TILED and NON-TILED  format of plans for the FF-23V2 Plane. This is an original RC plane designed by Paul Petty. The plane features a design inspired and loosly based on the YF-23. The YF-23 was the plane that compeated with the F-22 to become the USA's next Advanced Tactical Fighter. It features a Unique Diamond Shape Wing and wide fuselage with sleek looks. Great Flyer and fast with the proper motor setup. The plane is fairly large with a 28 Inch wing span. Included in this plan is the TILED version for printing on several letter sized sheets from any printer. Also the NON-TILED sheets at the back of the plan can be plotted to 42x30 E1 size sheets (two sheets).

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FF-23V2 Plans
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